Wednesday, 9 June 2010

2010 Challenge – Month 5 Stats

(this is starting to become really challenging)

To recap, I’m aiming to watch 450 films by the end of the year but a minimum of 80% of that total has to be stuff which I have never seen before.

Although now more firmly established still continues to be where the bulk of my free time goes. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way but it obviously eats into film-watching time though. Conducting interviews, transcribing interviews, editing interviews, reviewing and the like are (as anyone possessed with an ounce of smarts will obviously tell you) time consuming.

May was still peppered with a few days where I didn’t watch any films – either due to general tiredness or having something else to do.

So, here's where I stand at month 5's end:


Total films watched: 37
First-time viewings: 34
Percentage of first-time viewings: 91.9%
Cumulative monthly total: 168
Cumulative monthly first-time viewings: 154
Cumulative monthly percentage of first-time viewings: 91.7%

Best Films: The Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser, The Sting, Four Lions, Annie Hall, Amsterdamned, The Hunger
Worst Films: Cop Out, The Bridge, American Cousins, It’s A Wonderful Afterlife

May 2009 Comparison:

Total films watched: 32
First-time viewings: 26
Percentage of first-time viewings: 81.3%
Cumulative monthly total: 160
Cumulative monthly first-time viewings: 129
Cumulative monthly percentage of first-time viewings: 80.6%

May was very nearly a total whitewash. I was heading for the lowest daily average so far this year were it not for a four-day, bank holiday weekend right at the end which allowed the time for a 14 film blow-out.

So, approaching halfway through the year and I’m slightly up on last year – but possibly not enough to reach the 43 extra films I’m aiming for.

Still, the fact I’ve only watched 14 films so far this year which I’ve seen before is impressive. It’s looking clear that my 80% target of seeing stuff I’ve never seen is achievable and will hopefully allow for some nostalgia-wallowing quick-fixes in the winter months.

Edinburgh International Film Festival is in mid-June so that will present a chance devote entire days to film-watching, with the wonderful nature of EIFF meaning this will all be new, or undiscovered, stuff. It will certainly boost this June to an unnaturally engorged state, but will do me favours later on.

May was a success. Just. June’s looking that way too, but I’m 57 films off hitting the midpoint target of 225…

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