Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Today's Viewing & Review: The Accused

2010 Challenge – Month 9 Stats

(I've committed to these updates now, and I need to see them though)

To recap, I’m aiming to watch 450 films by the end of the year but a minimum of 80% of that total has to be stuff which I have never seen before.

As predicted, with the onset of darker evenings and autumnal snugness, the watching of films has increased. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure that this month's total of 45 is a record for a 'normal' month's film watching (i.e. outside of EIFF). It's certainly the best I've done in a while. There was scarcely a day where no film was watched and, indeed, many days involved more than one.

It may have been the perceived slackness of August's endeavours spurring me on, or it may have had more to do with the post-Fringe lack of money. It might just be that being a mere three short of my 300 target at the two-thirds point left me feeling this would be achievable.

The 45 this month should set me in good stead, leaving me ever-so-slightly ahead of target with just 108 to go in the final quarter of the year. That's means a breezy 36 films a month should see me through.

So, here's where I stand at month 9's end:


Total films watched: 45
First-time viewings: 39
Percentage of first-time viewings: 86.7%
Cumulative monthly total: 342
Cumulative monthly first-time viewings: 296
Cumulative monthly percentage of first-time viewings: 86.5%

Best Films: Dogtooth, Enter The Void, The Other Guys, The Town, Cyrus, World’s Greatest Dad, The Scouting Book For Boys, The Hole, Irreversible, Se7en, Mother, Heartless, Small Faces, Calvaire, I Stand Alone
Worst Films: Bonded By Blood, Grown Ups, The Brown Bunny, The Final, French Film, The Loved Ones

September 2009 Comparison:

Total films watched: 36
First-time viewings: 27
Percentage of first-time viewings: 75.0%
Cumulative monthly total: 290
Cumulative monthly first-time viewings: 238
Cumulative monthly percentage of first-time viewings: 82.1%

The percentage of unseen films has held last month’s position, so that’s something. With A V+ box full of stuff, a stack of cheap DVDs from Fopp and a load of films I’m looking forward to out soon, I should be okay in terms of the ‘new’.

I can allow myself check out a few old favourites (particularly horrors) this month without jeopardising the total too much.

Things are looking positive for a relatively comfortable trot down the home straight. A holiday might be the only hurdle to overcome but I ain’t complaining. I’ll almost certainly have built up a bit of leeway to account for it anyway.

Aaaaand, relax.